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Pro Bono goes only so far…

According to Beal it seems that the original court case has no bearing on their trademark claims. Then why did they EVER bother to take the case to court? How is it that a court case has been around two years of wrangling? If the whole thing was irrelevant then – why?

It would not be so bad if this was Mr Beal risking himself. However this took up court time that might have better been spent on serious crime instead of fighting over a generic word. This took up TFN time could have been spent diverting items from landfill. This took up Mr Beal’s time which might have been better spent communicating with his volunteer teams as a result of which there might not now be so many vacancies! This has been tax payer’s money that has been spent.

All of this has been spent on a whim, and underwritten by Waste Management.

How much money of this court case was Mr Beal’s own? How much did he risk personally? All the the time he spent fighting this case he was being paid. Compare his risk with how much Mr Oey risked? In going for the juggular, Mr Beal attacked not only Mr Oey, but also Mrs Oey.

Mr Beal lost, and lost badly. He lost in a court case that was a personal vendetta. Now he wants to restart the whole proceedings from the beginning.

Next time some organisation or government department donates funds to The Freecycle Network, it might be just worth checking how that money is spent. Pro Bono goes only so far… Next time you volunteer for a job, just ask some questions first. If you volunteer for the trademark team you might find yourself in a court of law in another two years time, and who will pay for your time?


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  1. Should Deron Beal continue to act in an irresponsible manner by pursuing this civil case, it seems to this layman that Tim Oey has a strong case for malicious persecution by Beal, and should file a counterclaim to that effect.

    Comment by ed schwarzmann | October 6, 2007 | Reply

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