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Victim of its own success

Is this something that can be said about TFN?  We all know that yahoo groups works for one group, but as a platform for supporting a large community that spans so many countries and towns with such diverse cultures from moderators that may come with their an ideology such as a religious or political one to those who may feel very liberal, perhaps even about drug use. It takes all types, and general rules for freecycling groups stay on the straight and narrow by sticking to the premise of “keep it legal”, which in my opinion is a very good line to take especially when mixed with “no proselytizing” and so on.

Such premises have helped TFN particularly to grow phenomenaly, adapting to local needs and laws as it goes along. Thus it has reached phenomenal numbers argued to be in nearing four million users worldwide in four years. These are incredible statistics no matter which way you play it.

This blog has taken and does take TFN to task on many issues, and one wonders why it is so. Well, the big boy in any game deserves very close scrutiny. The elephant in this industry must be seen and must be squeeky clean. Nothing less is satisfactory.

But perhaps one of the reasons for TFN’s issues is simply the scaling factor. Is it possible to have an network that is so large, especially one based largely on Yahoo Groups. This is not to say that Y!G is wrong, just that scaling to this level is a real organisational challenge.

I want to explore what other solutions and services are out there. So that will be a direction I am going to take this blog, over time. Part of that debate I opened up on in my last post. This I hope to extend with contributions from proponents of solutions on different technologies. Also I have opinions on the structure of TFN which I think does not help. Finally I want to debate the Yahoo Group platform itself: is Yahoo helping networks like TFN enough.

October 7, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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