Fighting for freerecyling

A game for TFN addicts

It has been said that TFN’s TPTB do not read this blog. Perhaps they feel it conveys messages they do not want to hear. Anyway here is one they should want to hear. On one of their web pages it states,

“The media now has an official link to get tips on keeping their stories accurate in addition to helping them avoid the cringe factor regarding incorrect usage of the Freecycle term (free stuff, freecycling, freecycler, etc.) and purpose.”

Now such folksy use of English makes me, to use their word cringe, but we will let that pass. There is something else absolutely wrong with this. Now to see how quickly TFN can react and correct it.

How many hours or days or even weeks will it be before this sentence is corrected? Can you do it before they do? And no, it is not the absence of any TM symbol that I referring to.

This is a real favour to TFN, and TFN should really hire me as a proof reader.


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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