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Are you ready to leave?

Apparently today there was a posting on to THE freecycle modsquad that dared to question a view of TPTB regarding the Tim Oey SLAPP suit. Unfortunately TPTB decided, as usual to delete this posting. This to me is what makes this organisation an unhealthy one in that it is denying very relevant free speech. If you are questioning why you continue to keep your group with TFN, then you may be ready to leave The Freecycle Network. If this is the case then you may feel you want some advice.

Out there on the Internet is a yahoo group called Ready2LeaveFC which is teeming with information for freecycling moderators that they can freely research and use to help them make their decision in their own time. One of the creators of this group posted today his reasoning behind the group. I think this post is worth repeating in full, and so with his permission…


I set up Ready2LeaveFC originally. But the vast majority of the current information is due to Judy’s hard work as well as input from other past ‘top-dogs’ of TFN! Their help and information have been invaluable to so many people!!! We have helped many; some individually one-on-one without others knowing, and some had multiple person’s helping.

We believe in making the help available, but it’s up to those individuals or groups if they wish to be ‘publicized’ in their changing over to independence. Many many times, they choose to remain private and we honor that. We don’t brag about how many we’ve helped. There is no point in that—we leave the numbers game to deron and clan.

Help is **EASILY** available for anyone who truly wants it (many places, not just Ready2LeaveFC)—-AND that help can be as little or as much as they need or desire; we don’t take over, nor even attempt to tell you how to run your group/s….we simply are there for you/them, IF you need to ask questions, need advice, or actually need physical help with operations. It’s THEIR choice! Many have come in, looked around, taken whatever information they need, and moved on in their ventures–We welcome that too. We welcome questions AND suggestions, either privately OR publicly on the group!

The group IS open for public discussion, but most choose to communicate privately because of the abuse of TFN leaders in harassing and ferreting out who people are, and then threatening them with removal from TFN simply for posting on other groups, or asking questions—as well as threatening even their friends into removing them from THEIR groups! If one is truly ready to make a break to freedom and independence, then they really don’t have to worry as much about the hit-squad at TFN, but many are not to that point yet, and need to remain “under the radar” until they decide IF they want to become independent or not. I strongly prefer complete independence, but I never try to “force” anyone to leave TFN. Some have chosen to stay after talking with us about options, but at least they are staying with EYES OPEN now, and that is a good thing in the long run.

The ones who have received help from ex top-dogs or other ex-TFN people, know this is the truth; and as long as I co-own, moderate, or have any part of the Ready2LeaveFC group (and the other support groups I own or am part of) it will remain this way, I promise that, and I’ve never broken that promise even once.

Have a good week, all!
Chris Vermillion

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