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Tip No 11: Avoiding Yahoo adverts

There is nothing wrong with adverts on the Internet and on Yahoo. Reading these provides revenue that keeps Yahoo Groups free. That said, many people who use freecycling groups complain about the adverts they see, and yet they do nothing about it. The problems associated with such adverts include:

  • a basic annoyance factor
  • time to download adverts could slow your down from doing other activities
  • seeing those adverts may distract you from your other tasks

I for one hardly ever – and I mean ever – see any Yahoo adverts and yet I belong to quite a lot of Yahoo Groups. So how do I do it?

The first and simplest technique I use is to read much of my yahoo Group email inside my gmail reader. I do this rather than visit the Yahoo website. This simple step stops almost every image since google’s email client, by default does not display images – from anywhere. This therefore includes any Yahoo adverts. If I want to see any images or adverts, from Yahoo or any other provider then I have a button I can click and magically the adverts appear.

If you do insist on using the Yahoo Groups website, and of course there is nothing wrong with this, then there are some things you can do. Firstly many moderators of freecycling groups use Firefox as their browser of choice. One thing that helps this decision is the excellent moderator’s plugin which works on Firefox. Well, there are other plugins and one of these called Adblock Plus.  With this plugin when you see a web page with graphics that Adblock plus recognises as being adverts then it will display a little EDIT button next to the advert.  Click on this and you can remove the advert instantly.  If you edit the URL down to the host name then any adverts from that host are blocked.

Beyond that you can edit your hosts file to block access to certain sites.  I like to use, for example the SpyBot hosts file feature (needs enabling) which adds a whole range of sites that I do not think help me in any way.

And finally you can manually add further entries to your hosts file.  This is very straightforward to do but you do need confidence around your computer.  If you have not done this before I would research on the web for more information and learn about the hosts file before you edit it.

With some or all of these techniques in play you will be able to surf faster and focus on your task better.  And surely being a good moderator that is what you should be thinking about.


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