Fighting for freerecyling

What is good enough for Phoenix should be good enough for you!

If I was an owner of a freecycling group then one group emulating my own on is one of TFN’s largest group. Phoenix has 13,000 members. I had better what what I say here since the owner is actually a lawyer. So what is Phoenix’s view on their relationship with TFN? Well they have the logo on their home page. And that is it.

Any member who joins this group KNOWS in no uncertain legal terms with whom they have a relationship. There is a properly written legal document assenting that all members have an extremely comprehensive and legally binding relationship with Phoenix Freecycle. There is not even a mention of TFN. And that is it.

If you go to the TFN pages and look for this group then they are a bona-fide group. But they do not adhere to the trademarking terms and conditions as laid down by TFN. They set their own standards. And that is it.

You would have thought that a flagship freecycling group would have adhered to the letter on TFN’s legal constraints. But they do not. If they do not then why should any other group?


October 8, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle |

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