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Tip No 12: A great way to find freecycling groups

If you want another way into browsing Yahoo Groups there is an independent website that offers a very useful perspective. BestDiscussionGroups offers a website that lists all the top “active and moderated” groups, and that includes all the freecycle groups. The website lists groups in descending ranking order within category. Importantly small groups are not included, so remember this is a list of the “best” groups only, however best is defined.

Of note and pride is that THE top freecycling group in the world is London, UK. This is an interesting group in that TFN lo longer list the group. Why would an organisation like TFN shoot itself in the foot by delisting its own flagship group?

Let us look at the stats on the group. At over 36,000 members this is Yahoo’s second largest such group of all time. As I have indicated this is TFN’s largest group. Although it seems to be dying off a bit in the year 2006 there were more than 4000 posts in almost each month. This group is a phenomenon of its own. The nearest group to London is Portland at only 26,000 members, so London is around 40% larger.

What has happened of course is that TFN have decided to “break” London apart preferring smaller groups aligned to the London boroughs, and it is these you will find listed in the TFN’s new group search engine. What you will not find is a link to their flagship group.

I wonder if Richard Wallman’s Birmingham group is listed, or has that been delisted yet and broken down into boroughs?  Or is that something Deron has on his agenda for tomorrow.

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