Fighting for freerecyling

A freecycling strategy

If freecycle networks promote Y!G as their main platform isn’t that capitulation?  That is, if we continue to use Yahoo Groups isn’t that giving too much power to Yahoo.  Well certainly apart from niggles, it hasn’t served that badly in the past.  Has it.

However to answer the question directly the answer is no, absolutely no.  Yahoo know that they will only retain groups while they are the best solution.  There are significant forces at play, including whether Google Groups makes a play into the same space.  As arguably Yahoo’s nearest rival as far as freecycling goes, Google Groups falls short on moderation.  Where Google excels though, is being an innovative company that leaps ahead with little notice.

And if it is not Google then there are a host of other providers out there providing new features, and some of them are working in the moderated discussion forum arena.

It seems to me that a good freecycling network strategy – when working on a budget – is to have a range of providers available, and to mix and match from these.  In previous eras this might have resulted in a mish-mash solution.  Fortunately with the web, and especially initiatives like Web 2..0 and beyond they can and should integrate seamlessly.

October 13, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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