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Where is Yahoo Groups going?

My previous post commented about how the Internet is moving forward.  It may not have been obvious to those inside TFN thinking about website developments that eventually Yahoo would do something about their Groups functionality, but right now there is increasing evidence that Yahoo Groups as a platform for freecycling is going to be vastly improved.  The major evidence in is that they have a beta out.

(As a humorous aside issuing a beta of a production product is a really weird concept.  One can only ask when will the Alpha appear. 🙂 )

Anyway what is going on is potentially very exciting stuff.  There is considerable effort by Yahoo to show that they are responding to moderator’s needs.  This is at least evidenced by the recent podcast by the team leader, Lee Clancy listing the top three features that made Yahoo Groups a success.  These being:

  • Messaging
  • Moderation
  • Flexibility

I think rather than me reiterating what Yahoo Groups is going to be about I would suggest you visit their website and get the low down from Yahoo Groups’ Moderator Central. For the podcast look on the right hand side for the PodCast section.  A new podcast is predicted for each month so get their now and listen to the inaugural edition.


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  1. Actually, beta releases are extremely common in software. Depending upon how sensitive the company is to criticism or how wide an opinion they want a beta release may be either public, or limited to a registered group – in which case they may also be qualified in some way (not necessarily in the acdemic sense).

    Alpha versions almost never make it out into public – at least not legitimately. They are likely to be barely functional or full of really weird ideas that seemed like a good plan at the time. Possibly they may break when being demonstrated at press events.

    If code makes it into beta, it’s deemed almost ready for release, and the company simply want to discover if they’ve missed anything that people really wanted to see, is the look and feel right, or what extremely creative methods of breaking it they hadn’t thought of! Betas are therefore a good thing and (should) generally lead to better quality commercial releases. In a really rigid example, betas are succeeded by ‘Release Candidates’, possibly a numeric sequence of.

    Back on topic, however, I’ll look forward to the changes! The current Y!groups interface is quite … clunky, and further, it’s extremely annoying that the system demands you sign up for a Yahoo! email account if you are already happy using another one. Just one more email account to keep an eye on. Thank heaven for POP!

    Comment by caffienated sponge | September 15, 2009 | Reply

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