Fighting for freerecyling

Not mad, not bad

It is often insinuated that moderators who  are disaffected with TFN are bad or mad or some other negative attribute.  With permission I am able to reproduce the following that shows wrong such attributions can be.

I am the owner for the Campbelltown City Freecycle Group.

After taking everything into account this group is moving to the new ReUseIt Network. This decision has come about after firstly, much consultation and discussion with my moderators and members of the group and secondly after looking for answers and information regarding our current network listing provider and all the options
that are open to us.

I would like to take this opportunity before I cancel my membership here to thank each and every one of you for the information, discussions, insight and support. I have learnt much in the time I have been here.

I am not bitter or resentful; I am one who normally embraces change with much enthusiasm. Unfortunately, though at first, I was happy and willing to embrace the changes that are being brought about by the Freecycle Network and the new purpose built portal, after much careful consideration � I don’t believe that this move/ change is in
the best interests of my group and its members.

The treatment by management of volunteers that are worth their weight in gold and the way in which people are – guilty by association and/or there is no freedom of speech or opportunity to ask questions and/or freedom to make your own choices. In Australia we have laws governing such things as freedom of association, innocent until
proven guilty etc, not sure about elsewhere, but they have good standing here. Then let us not forget how groups have been delisted � no regard for the members at all � and are they not the reason for our existence, have all been the deciding factors for myself, my wonderful moderators and our members. What was once as I see it, a
grassroots movement where one WAS free to start a group no strings attached has sadly become a deroneous dictatorship?

So, on the decision to embark on a new direction for our group, unanimously it will be � The ReUseIt Network.

Good Luck and farewell to each and every one of you here and your group.

Hi Ho Hi Ho��.. It’s off to ReUseIt I go��just keep on singing all day long!

a new Savvy ReUseIt Moderator


October 15, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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