Fighting for freerecyling

What the freecycling movement needs from TFN

  • First Person: Freecycle(TM) is brilliant. Deron Beal is brilliant.
  • Second Person: Actually the concept of freecycling is brilliant.
  • Third Person: Freecycle(TM) is brilliant. Deron Beal is brilliant.
  • Fourth Person: Actually there is really strong evidence that Deron Beal is not quite so brilliant, including him “giving” freecycling to the world and then taking it back.
  • Fifth Person: Freecycle(TM) is brilliant. Deron Beal is brilliant.
  • Sixth Person: Why are all the critics of TFN no longer with TFN? Surely if you leave an organisation you have no right to speak anymore?
  • Seventh Person: Because Deron suppresses any opposing views with tools such as “Cease & Desist”, bullying, name calling and “2 strikes and you’re out” so that in the end any dissenters are “outed”.
  • Eight Person: Freecycle(TM) is brilliant. Deron Beal is brilliant.

and so it goes on. You can read the full transcript at Yahoo’s People on the Web, including 640 comments.

If you want to know what these comments have in common, then

  • absolutely every single comment loves the concept of freecycling, without exception,
  • all accepted that Deron Beal had a great idea of taking a concept of the gift economy and applying it to Yahoo Groups with a vengeance

So if we can at least take the above two statements as read, then I wish ONE PERSON batting for Deron at least would have the strength of conviction would put up some well thought out and intelligent arguments pulling apart the many critics instead of repeating the “Deron Beal (TM) is brilliant” mantra.

I found one post batting for Deron, just one that made any sense. Although I have not asked the author I will repeat here in full and I apologise if that offends. This post is poignant since it is made by Charlotte of the Tucson Freecycle group and is comment no 90, or thereabouts. She writes:

“Well after reading all the posts, yes there is a lot of negativity. But that really is not what this story is about. This story is about the concept of Saving the Landfills and to stop polluting the Earth by discarding things you no longer want or need. That is what this should be about not who did what to whom when and why. Some of you will know that I am a Moderator of the First Freecycle (TM) group located in Tucson. And you will think oh well they made her post…. No one asked me to post, no one threatened my position. No one ordered me to do anything. I do have a mind of my own. And I can think for myself. What I want to say is strictly that. My own thoughts. And if it came down to it and I was told I had to do something or else. Well or else what…..are they going to take away my birthday? Go ahead I don’t need it anyway. You all treat this like it is your only thing in life. Yes I am a supporter of Freecycle, the goal, the concept, and the feeling you get when you give something to someone. But it is not my life. This should be the goal of any recycle group out there. Be it a Freecycle(TM) group or other. Not who has the most members, its what you do with your site that matters. I believe you all need to step back and take a look and see what you are all doing with the remarks that are being made and say hey “Im better than that”. Thank you for your time. Charlotte”

This is a good post because it shows the passion we all, yes we all share for this concept called freecycling and its benefits in saving items from landfill. I can only agree with her when she says that everyone should be “better than that.” I will not pull Charlotte’s comments apart, not only because they don’t deserve it but because she makes well reasoned argument. She shows true fighting spirit for the movement and puts it in context of real life. All I will say, is no-one else prepared to stand up for Deron with a serious argument?

We all understand and empathise that there is a lot of emotional support for Deron. He needs it.

But the movement needs values like openness, reason, justification, answers. The movement deserves more than silence punctuated by platitudes and failed law suits.

October 15, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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