Fighting for freerecyling

It’s free, its phenomenal, so it must be right

The excitement around TFN is quite astounding, of that there is no doubt. Whilst one can very seriously challenge the amount of debris removed from landfill also while one can very robustly challenge that actual number of members, whilst one can also robustly challenge a whole number of aspects there is one thing you cannot challenge. Internet readers love a story about something that is free, that goes across many countries and cultures and that helps people in need, of and just possibly helps keep something out of landfill. The feel-good factor is the phenomenon.

The rosy glow every member feels from positively contributing to their community. The heart-warming feeling that every owner-moderator feels when they see successful posts of offers coming and going in their local community.

Isn’t it just lovely.

Underpinning all this is a well-motivated organisation hierarchy with lots of moderators taking on extra responsibilities.

Isn’t it just grand.

Well as they say where I come from “there’s trouble up at t’mill.” The trouble is while everyone is motivated in positive directions no one inside TFN – especially its executive director – is looking at the bigger picture. The mantra has always been, “number of members is growing, number of groups are growing, so what’s the problem.”

Take a look, take a good hard look and you see the cracks, the fissures and then you realise that TFN is not located in Tucson, AZ but in Pompeii, Italy.

The Romans were so busy enjoying the good life, and its powers that be were repaid for maintaining that good life. No-one questioned when Vesuvius started to erupt. Around 79 AD there were few volcanologists, and if they were they weren’t being listened to.

No-one wants to hear the dark side when they are on the bright side, “The sun is shining, so let’s sunbathe.” Well those days are over. The recent history shows that climate change movement has moved position being a bunch of maniacal nay-sayers to being an accepted truth. In the same vein, this blog has brought to you unpalatable news around TFN.

The signs are there. This volcanologist did not ask for this job, but once I saw the eruptions at first hand it has become an imperative to bring that continuing and growing message to others.


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