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When considering freecycling there are a lot of services out there that are not strict in their focus on freecycling.  For example some add in the concept of swapping and indeed payment.  Amongst these one might consider Cheap Cycle and Gift Of Giving.

From my perspective there is absolutely nothing wrong with the formula these networks have cut out for themselves.  However for me I feel that focusing on giving is an important aspect that should not be diluted.  The gift of giving puts there perspective as “to be a community service group and not a sales ad post, please try to avoid sales posts on items that can be given freely. And, No advertising for the purpose of gaining profit – I don’t like people offering things for free -IF- they do something in return for them that gains profit for a buisness. We are not interested.”

My point is that once you go down the road of accepting payment then it is difficult to draw another line…


November 15, 2007 - Posted by | freecycle

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  1. Hi, first off thanks for the mention of my site – I have lots to do to help it grow and wish to work with people and companies to help the needy.

    I wanted to mention that my site does allow posts for accepting payment ever for anything anymore. I even post in my terms that we should not pay tips or gifts to volunteers – as this would be payment and we want to help for the purpose of helping not making money. We do offer trades and barter services to help the needy.

    My site extends to not just freecycling, but also helping the people in need further. So, if someone needs a maid due to a disability and cant afford one and then another person can help with the service, and needs help with another service, such as someone to help with their website. They can trade services – this helps bring people together.

    I have had people ask for babysitting help, to cake baking, and lawn care. Its nice to be able to work together in a community and help one another. That is my goal. Hope that helps and have a great Holiday Season!

    Comment by Christie | November 27, 2007 | Reply

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