Fighting for freerecyling

Will freecycling be allowed in this anti-consumerism reality TV show?

On MoneySavingExpert there is a report that a new reality TV show is being planned with a request for people to refrain from buying anything for six or twelve months.  Now one has to ask what the goal of this programme is.  Is it to see how well one can live without buying, or is it to see if one can survive in an anti-consumerism climate.

The difference I am trying to draw on is that if you freecycle in order to survive, as in such a programme then perhaps you are doing the former but not the latter.  That is anyone who freecycles is in reality still partaking of consumerism, you are simply extending the life of items that others do not want or cannot make use of in their own lifestyle.  The nub is, that in taking items from others one is actually making room in their house for someone else to actually buy new items.

How many times is a sofa freecycled on the premise that the offerer is actually buying a new sofa?

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