Fighting for freerecyling

You cannot be serious!

Rule no one, if you are going to try to fool people with money come up with a project title with words that mean nothing and a project that requires no work, oh and then put a big pricetag on it.  Take for instance (you knew this was coming) Freecycle Cellular Osmosis on NetSquared.

In a nutshell the project is about enabling someone to look at a map and their freecycling exchanges on a mobile phone. The main question why this deserves a project at all.  Why is this?  Because you can do this today.  The functionality already exists.

Already many people can access their freecycle advert information by going to their email client on their phone, whether that is stored in webmail or as “desktop” client. I surf the web daily on my Nokia 6120 and check my email in a snip.   For me that is my Gmail account, and my phone has a shortcut to go straight there.  So that deals with bringing up the advert.

What about mapping?  Oh, let me see, oh yes GoogleMaps on a mobile phone is available today and as a very mature product has been around for a couple of years.   It is one that I use, and nearly everyone I know uses.  Further than that not only does Google have its mapping tool, but also Yahoo has its own solution, though I have not yet used that.

So, am I missing something?  I will leave you, dear reader to decide what freecycling has to do with chemistry and osmosis. I will however just ask you to see if you can spot the gambit that owes more to moving NetSquared money from the gullible rich into someone’s backpocket.

In the meantime, if someone has a truly innovative project to suggest to Mr Beal and Mr Wallman, you may post them here and I will do my best to pass them on.


March 30, 2008 - Posted by | freecycle

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