Fighting for freerecyling

Out of context

One thing that defines the genericism of the word freecycle is its use wholly outside TFN groups.  That could be people who wish to spread the good word, or it could mean people who wish to reuse it in their own context.  Take some atari stuff which is on offer.  Is this anything to do with a TFN group.  Or indeed is it anything to do with a non-TFN group?

I think not.  What it is is someone who is just using an online forum which is not even on Yahoo Groups or anything related to TFN to advertise an item.  This person uses the word freecycle intentionally since they know that in their own mind, and the mind of readers the concept of giving for reuse of this item is perfectly understandable.


April 21, 2008 - Posted by | freecycle

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