Fighting for freerecyling

What is FreeMesa?

Well I think I have underestimated FreeMesa.  From what I can see it is a stand-alone website with its own groups technology.  In fact everything (in a distorted way) that TFN’s My Freecycle project might want to be.  You can create an account and manage yourself in a social networking way, associating yourself to several groups.  You can even create a group using FreeMesa.  They have a Google Ad revenue sharing model which can help subsidise group owners, though my guess is unlikely to raise a lot of funds.  It seems that Freemesa started in part as a response to Hurricane Katrina.

The disadvantage, to me is twofold – firstly it is a closed system, that is one is forced to use FreeMesa for your groups service.  The second concerns getting new groups going.  The best that can be said about TFN, and it hurts me to say this is that it is inherently viral.  Freemesa does not strike to be able to hit that note.  Is it in the name?

Nevertheless Freemesa is a working system.  You can even search across many groups for items and Freemesa will tell you which is the closest.  Neat.

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October 31, 2008 - Posted by | freecycle

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