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Bye bye ErsatzFriend

Not so much friend as potential foe, many groups are now saying that this is the time that ErsatzFriend must be ejected from their groups as a defensive strategy to ensure their groups are still around tomorrow.

(If you do not know ErsatzFriend is an email id often added as co-owner to freecycling groups, under the control of Deron Beal).  It is a fact that in the past been used to take control of groups, see elsewhere in this blog for more info.)

My recommendation is to play safe and at least reduce the status of ErsatzFriend to that of a normal member.  Any owner who leaves EF (as ErsatzFriend is sometimes known) with full owner rights is asking for trouble.

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More resignations…

Is the UK freecycle network collapsing as we speak?  Apparently more resignations are happening…  I have to say, such events do not surprise me.  For so many years Deron Beal has held such tight control of The Freecycle Network, despite reiterating that he is forever going to devolve responsibility.  At the heart of this debate is the manifest complete lack of power-sharing of TFN itself, despite the fundamental requirements of charitable status, nevermind the “good thing” to do.

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Director of UK Freecycle resigns

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Breaking news is that the UK freecycling network is at odds now with the USA network to the point that the UK director has resigned.  Fallout from this could be very interesting…

This means that a UK charity does not have a single director with UK residency!  Could it be that the entire UK freecycle movement will stand by Neil Morris and also break away from the USA?

Watch this space for more info as it happens…

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