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The deep shame of UkModSquad

A couple of weeks ago perhaps. as a result of being officially asked, I rejoined the  Freecycle Network’s  UkModSquad to help advise as they go through a traumatic phase precipitated not least by the bad treatment of Stockton-on-Tees Freecycle group.  Today I was officially deemed persona non-gratis, and in the usual nasty way of applying veiled threats to the groups that I co-owned or moderated.

I simply ask, why they did not treat me as a human being and talk to me first?  If they had asked then I would have happily stepped down and kept totally quiet about all the goings on.

What is it about The Freecycle Network that turns otherwise human beings into automated robots without a brain?

I hereby state that all the UkModSquad should hold their heads in deep shame.  I hereby state that Uk Moderators who are members of UkModSquad should ask questions, if they dare!

The UkModSquad have unilaterally broken their side of any bargain and deserve no favours.  They have treated me and the co-owners of groups I owned or moderated with nothing but disgust.

Judge for yourself with this quotation from an official Freecycle email to a co-owner, “I have written to you first as I would not like to see the group you have built up so well be destroyed.”

Destroyed.  What does The Freecycle Network mean by this word?

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