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Janice says its ok. So that’s ok

Apparently the moderation of Uk moderators earlier today was a mistake. And also that’s now been corrected. Phew! At least that’s Janice’s opinion and she should know because she’s the transitional team leader.
Will she become the new director?

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Check your owner-moderator team

All UK Freecycling group owners should immediately check who their co-owners are.  The obvious one to get rid of is ErsatzFriend. However I would say if there are any old owner or moderator IDs that you are unsure about – DELETE THEM.

Do it now.  Do not hesitate.

Only allow moderators and owners you trust.  Verify each one of them knows what is happening.

Do it now – or tomorrow you may not have a group.

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Its official

If I may quote one who was at the centre of things, and is now herself purely a member, “TFN now own the UKMS”.  They are in total control.

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The noose tightens on Uk Mods

The Mod Squad
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It seems that not only has Deron demoted key players in terms of ownership, he has now also enforced moderation on the Uk Mod Squad on anyone who asks questions.  Unless I am wrong, no longer is this a place for any kind of open speech.

The Uk Mod Squad seems effectively to have been strangled out of existence.

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Patience and understanding

No matter which way you cut it Deron Beal is treading all over the Uk Moderator Squad.  He is blatantly ignoring the express wishes of its membership and not even entertaining wanting Neil Morris back as director.  He has now demoted Neil from owner status on relevant groups.

Everything he says and does implies that he is moving on with new people, new pawns.  He continues to ignore any and all comments from Uk Mods asking for clarification on whether he will discuss the UK gripes.

To quote Deron, “Today, all TFN addys required as co-owner of national modsquads were demoted from co-owner status of this group. After contacting the owner address of this group, these privileges were reinstated.  I have now accepted Neil and Jacqui’s resignations and demoted them from their co-owner status of this group. We will be contacting the remaining group mods to see as to their wishes to remain as moderators of this group or not. This was a very unsettling situation. Thank you all for your patience and understanding.”

Patience and understanding, nice one Deron.

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How much mistreatment must one suffer before one speaks out?

In the call to have me removed from UkModSquad, it was insinuated that “The blogs that he writes… show a clear difference between free speech and open discussion in the organisation and someone inciting people to undermine Freecycle.”

Let me state clearly nothing I have ever done undermins freecycling, absolutely nothing.  My total goal in life is to promote free recycling.  I repeat what I said on the group, that The Freecycle Network is a complete straightjacket around free-recycling as a concept.  It has divided with the intent of conquering.

Yes I do have issues with TFN which is tightly controlled centrally from Arizona with absolutely no room for free speech.  The UkModSquad should have known this when they invited me to join, so why there is now a U-Turn can only be put down to that central control from Arizona kicking in.

Also, I openly stated in the group that I would cease my blog to give the group chance to consider its position, so raising that as an issue seems to me to miss the point entirely.  I did cease and would have held to that position.  But mistreatment is the hallmark of TFN operations.

How much mistreatment must one suffer before one speaks out?

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My Freecycle continues to takes on Alnwick

The Alnwick Freecycle (UK) groups seems to have been converted over to My Freecycle.  This event seems extraordinary since the Uk Mods have stipulated that there should be no further changes to UK groups.  However the US heirarchy are blatantly ignoring such requests, and just getting on with doing what they know to do.  Steamroller over everyone.

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