Fighting for freerecyling

How much mistreatment must one suffer before one speaks out?

In the call to have me removed from UkModSquad, it was insinuated that “The blogs that he writes… show a clear difference between free speech and open discussion in the organisation and someone inciting people to undermine Freecycle.”

Let me state clearly nothing I have ever done undermins freecycling, absolutely nothing.  My total goal in life is to promote free recycling.  I repeat what I said on the group, that The Freecycle Network is a complete straightjacket around free-recycling as a concept.  It has divided with the intent of conquering.

Yes I do have issues with TFN which is tightly controlled centrally from Arizona with absolutely no room for free speech.  The UkModSquad should have known this when they invited me to join, so why there is now a U-Turn can only be put down to that central control from Arizona kicking in.

Also, I openly stated in the group that I would cease my blog to give the group chance to consider its position, so raising that as an issue seems to me to miss the point entirely.  I did cease and would have held to that position.  But mistreatment is the hallmark of TFN operations.

How much mistreatment must one suffer before one speaks out?

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  1. They seem to be an extraordinary bunch – hang on in there!!

    Comment by Nick | July 23, 2009 | Reply

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