Fighting for freerecyling

My nomination to be an office and a gentleman

I hereby nominate and second myself to be an officer on the IAFCMods group.  My credentials are

  • I still moderate a couple of TFN official groups, though I will not release their names to protect the groups and their owners,
  • I have owned and run TFN official groups for around 5 years,
  • I run non-TFN groups (enforced by TFN)
  • I have run forums on Yahoo and elsewhere since the 1980’s (yes that’s before the Internet),
  • I am very critical of the TFN leadership, which in my opinion shows a distinct lack thereof, however
  • I am, like 99.999% of mods very much for freecycling in all its form and
  • I do my research thoroughly, for example everything on this blog has been checked and double checked.

I realise that IAFCmods cannot appoint me since to do so would inflame matters with Mr Beal at this delicate time.

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