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I did quip that while UkMods talks Rome burns.  That seems to be exactly what is happening.  TFN is battening down the hatches wherever it can.  Could it be that all this talk amongst UK Moderators will come to nothing?  Is the ground being taken from underneath them?  The fact that Stockton has in fact been closed, very much against Uk Moderators express wishes and very much ahead of any previously announced timeline shows to me that they are moving.

Along with that there are other events happening that I now know about but cannot report here.  Are we soon going to see a mushrooming of new MyFreecycle groups?  I predict a doubling over the summer months, and mostly in the UK.

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Myth No2: Yahoo is more likely to go bust than TFN

Sorry, I know this is a bad joke, but some people actually think the chances of Yahoo one of the largest and most successful Internet companies in the world is more likely to go bust than The Freecycle Network, a charity that struggles to raise funds just to fight its trademark campaign, never mind actually develop and host a server solution of its own making.

I mean it’s new My Freecycle service obviously hasn’t even gone through usability testing by the visually impaired!

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