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This is one attempted measurement of democracy...
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The most monumental event in the entire history of freecycling concluded yesterday with a resounding success. I take my hat off to the Uk moderator squad. They achieved something against all odds amid tons of cynicism. They brought the first and only evidence of both democracy and openness to the freecycle network.

Until now the organisation has been a closed society with many of its key rules hidden behind closed doors amidst total secrecy. Yes the marmos could learn a thing or two about how to operate an organisation where some rules are open to viewing by anyone but the key rules are all kept behind under the thumb of one man, one autocrat.

No the new Uk moderators squad union has not done anything yet except form itself, but that is an achievement of which they should feel justly proud. What they have done is an amazing start but that is all it is. What matters is what happens next.

Yes they will formulate their demands. Yes they will negotiate that back and forth. But there are three important questions:

1. Will deron be able to smooth talk to avoid the key questions?
2. Will any answers be acceptable to the moderators who voted for the union committee?
3. And the most important question, what will moderators of groups that did not vote make of this?

The game is afoot.

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