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Are you a scared moderator?

No, not ready to leave just yet
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Right now many moderators must be feeling very scared.  When The Freecycle Network first started it was a nice cosy place where we could all do some good.  Then nasty things started happening, and in my opinion they have all been initiated, albeit unintentionally.  This was done by one person who created an organisation full of secrets, more fit for the Klu Klux Clan than recycling unwanted items.

Everyone, and I mean everyone gets swallowed up by the touch-feely niceness of freecycling first.  Then of moderating their own group and perhaps even running their own group.  From their they get elevated into the increasingly closed and private hierarchy referred on this site as TPTB – the powers that be.

Epitomised by strong control on free thought using tools such as moderation, banning and black-balling the centre of this organisation has only talked of relinquishing control.  Never in all the six years of TFN’s history has Deron Beal ceded one ounce of actual control – to anyone.

The result is an ever-increasing global fraternity of so-called darksiders or nexters.  And now at this very moment possibly 100s of new groups and their moderators will also share that same label.

At they back of their minds, your minds, must be the ultimate question.  “How do I justify this to my members and to myself?”  Following this are a range of related questions such as, “What the F*** have I been doing with my life?   Should I just give up?”

The answer, the only answer is to go back to roots.  Look at your group closely.  Talk to your members.  They love you.  They trust you.  You love them – and you should trust them.

Then ring the changes on your group, oh, and feel the fresh air.

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