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Updated blog entry for Around again

I have updated my entry on Around Again to correct the long history of this group of free recycling groups

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Diversity is much better than a monopoly

Another reuse, regifting network has sprung up. This is called AroundAgain and this group’s website started in April 2007. This umbrella group sprung out of the Free Sharing Network, and just makes my point what works is competition, not monopoly.

The website went up in April of this year however the Around Again Groups themselves were begun in Late October of 2004 which makes them one of the very first breakaway groups from TFN. Very early in the morning on October 30th, 2004, The Wyoming County (NY) Freecycle Network became Around Again of Western New York. In a little over three months from now, we will be entering their 3rd year of existence. It was only recently that the “” domain name became available and when it did they then decided to create a central web location.

“The Around Again Groups” now operate in Niagara Falls, N.Y., WNY (Buffalo, N.Y.), Lockport / Medina, N.Y., Genesee County, N.Y., Rochester, N.Y., The Finger Lakes Region of N.Y., & Syracuse, N.Y.

Go for it. Diversity will make this a great industry, one you and I can be proud of.

[editor: this post has been changed to reflect the correct history – thank you AroundAgain.]

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