Fighting for freerecyling

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Two more Canadian groups have jumped ship.  One of the largest groups worldwide has now take the EarthCycle brand.  More info on this hopefully soon.  Another has gone to FullCircles.

Let me iterate my position on this.  Whether or not TFN has any rights or whether a group has any rights is probably impossible to determine.   What is good for freecycling are least two things:

  • not having a monopoly (whether that be EarthCycle, FullCircles, TFN or whoever) and
  • continuity of freecycling while any debate continues.

(In the interests of processes of democracy and integrity and for the greater good of freecycling I would like to see full transparency and well thought out and independently monitored processes for resolving  affiliation.  If you understand where I am going with this and are interested in these notions then please contact me off blog.)

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Full Circle

Another group of Canadian groups have launched FullCircles.  They are serving groups around Eastern Ontario  and Western Quebec.  This is early days and when the website is fully operational we hope to bring you more news…

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