Fighting for freerecyling

The Credibility Gap

If you want an insight into why one person thinks that Deron Beal is past his sell by date simply because of his behaviour around the finder issue, then I suggest you read credibility.  If I may spoil the conclusion, “But, the point here is that TFN is a worldwide virtual organization of unparalleled size and unlike any other, being led by someone who, in an instance of indiscretion, destroyed his credibility (arguably already questionable) and that of his co-leadership with an ill-executed bluff.”

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Deron speaks

Back in August 2006, on the USA’s NPR service Deron spoke about freecycling.  The podcast can be listed to by clicking here.  Deron Beal can be justly proud of his initial contributions to the freecycling movement.  In the podcast he speaks briefly to his critics and there is nothing surprising in his words.  He just wants everyone who disagrees with him never to use the word freecycle, simple huh.

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