Fighting for freerecyling

Freecycling it all over again

If you have apple quicktime installed and want to listen to a freecycle song then visit Pizza Bob and listen to The Freecycle Rag.

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This one became personal

From Illinois this moderator became upset about one person attempting to grab as many freecycle items as possible.  I do not like they way they addressed this since this became personal and bordering on the obscene.  But it does make for interesting reading.  Take it away.

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Is it right to have a sense of humour?

One thing this blog does is take like seriously. One thing you find on all freecycling groups is a lot of seriousness. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a sense of humour. Well the answer is a resounding NO on one freecycling group where a poster called Wally Glenn asked for a Electric Donkey Bottom Biter. The effect of attempting to lighten up a group’s postings with a touch of Monty Python humour angered at least one other member who elected to start a flame war – and then the moderators stepped in.

I feel for the moderators, they are only human and they all have their day jobs to go to. It is a shame though that we do not live in a more tolerant society especially when the humour is aimed at something abstract.

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You Simply Cannot Be Serious!

According to The Freecycle Network you cannot freecycle. It is simply not allowed. To freecycle would mean actually removing items from landfill of course and that is surely what we are about. But that is not what The Freecycle Network is about. For them freecycling is and anyone who freecycles is banned.

Yes, it is official, according to their trademark compliance page, anyone that freecycles is simply not trademark compliant. According to that page the ONLY way to use freecycle is either as a noun referring to the company OR as an adjective. That is it.

So, for example, anyone who uses it as a verb is not trademark compliant. And you can be sure of receiving a Cease and Desist email or letter within the next 24 hours. So, owners and moderators I would strongly advise you to admonish your members to stop freecycling now. And tell them that if they freecycle then they will be excommunicated.

You will note that even Deron Beal’s home group in Tuzon, AZ has a problem with this. At the beginning of his second paragraph he really wants to use the word freecycle, but cannot so has to use the incorrect word “recycle”. (We are not about recycling. Freecycling is something totally different, and Deron you really ought to know that by now!)

So if you are into freecycling and actually freecycle something then STOP IT NOW, otherwise you will be taken to the court. Anyone for a game of tennis?

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