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Two wrongs do not make a right

TFN slags off Ema Wright publiclyI can see that Deron is just a tad upset about losing possibly half of his UK freecycle groups to the Freegle network, so far. But why must he libel a moderator of one of the North East groups on the UK freecycle homepage?

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Check out for an open web interface to freecycling.

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A third of all UK freecycle groups have joined Freegle

Whichever way you cut it more and more UK groups are leaving freecycle in their droves. This organisation that was only launched 4 days ago has grown by 50% in the last 24 hours. My last post reported 194 groups, whereas my latest search comes out at a staggering 347 groups.

Please tell me if I am wrong, but my crude maths says that between a third and a half of all UK freecycling groups have now converted over to Freegle.

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Freegle passes the million user mark!

I Told You, Im good in Math. ;D
Image by b3ni via Flickr

Yahoo’s recent maintenance seems to be paying dividends in that a search on Yahoo Groups for “freegle” works now, whereas my guess is in years gone by it would have taken a few days to get any sensible answer.  What is returned so far is that 194 UK groups have left TFN.

Now, using crude maths, if we assume 5,000 members as an average group size then that probably means that there are nearly a million users Freegle and a million less using freecycle.

I am very grateful particularly to the Chatham group which explains something of how the word freegle possibly came about – Free Giving Locally & Easily.  Very nice.

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Is there only one person left in TFN?

Clearly there is at least one person inside The Freecycle Network since they have just astroturfed the Henley group.  One member.  How sad.

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2782 more people convert to Freegling

Image by Getty Images via Daylife

The Henley-on-Thames group is one of the groups that has taken the plunge and removed itself from the freecycle network and converted over to the freegle network.

(Much as I did not like the word freegling initially, sadly I think it is now growing on me.  This is even more true since someone pointed to the likeness to Google’s name.)

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And if that is not enough check It Pro…

Life is sizzling at the moment – read the thread at ItPro, and contribute if you so wish.

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The Guardian is developing a thread

Check out the guardian where an open discussion of the breakaway UK groups is progressing…

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Freegle it is

It is a sad day when yet another heard of group owners decides to break away from The Freecycle Network and create their own brand name.  Very sad.  I do of course wish them well, but they miss an opportunity, imo, a very serious opportunity.

Still Freegle it is.  This is not necessarily the best name in the world.  But that is what the IAFCmods a breaking away to.  They have a stub website available, and no doubt that will grow apace.

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Facts, Facts and more Facts

Check out our new facts page.  Definitive reading imo – and that is why it has a permanent link in this blog.

If you have any facts to add please get in touch.

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