Fighting for freerecyling

THE danger in trademarking

Almost from the get-go it seems that Deron was keen on trademarking the word “freecycle”, which it is stated time and time again is for the greater good. Now why is it that Deron is holding onto total control of TFN?

There is a very significant danger to the freecycling world that “should” the trademark be recognised then the power to control that word rests with one man. If for some unforeseen circumstance it was necessary for a company like WMI to somehow takeover the TFN business then they would de facto take over the trademark.

At this point the gifting economy, the freecycling world would no longer have access to that word. And that decision making power and control to decide rests right now with just one man. All I ask, is it right that that decision should rest with one man. Is it right that 4,000 group owner and moderator teams should have no say, no right to speak? Is it right that 4,000,000 members should similarly have no rights in such a matter?

The only protection TFN members, moderators, owners, volunteers have right now is Deron’s good will. Once any trademark assignment is made then TFN may have a very valuable asset and a company like WMI (though not necessarily WMI) might become very interested. All they then have to do is to go behind closed doors with Deron and work out how to effect the transfer – legally, and then sign papers.

Right now moderators do not even have a forum for debating this issue.  Any such attempt on OIDG would be sat upon with an ADMIN notice.  Any such repeated attempt would end up with the “Two strikes and you are out” rule being imposed without a second thought.

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