Fighting for freerecyling

If the 9th Circuit Court decision goes against TFN tomorrow what happens?

If my notes are correct then tomorrow we here more about the decision that the 9th Circuit court makes in the trademarking dispute between Tim Oey, SunnyvaleFreecycle and The Freecycle Network.  There is much hope on both sides that the decision will go their way.  What happens if it goes against TFN?

Well there may be a few dented egos.  Hopefully they will at last see some sense and stop deleting, delisting, astroturfing groups left right and centre.  Hopefully they would then begin to regroup and realise that they owe a lot, sorry everything to the movement. I do not mean blogs like this one, but I do mean the groups that are out there.  I mean the moderators around the globe who run groups.  I mean the members of those groups who freecycle along day by day blithely ignorant of the trouble up at t’ mill.

It is to these people, these actions that they owe absolutely everything.  And if they get that into their heads just for a second then they can regroup and rethink their attitude to groups.  So instead of an approach which makes the group subservient to the organisation it could become, overnight, an organisation that is subservient to the groups.

If that happens, if TFN see sense, then they may just have a future, and a very happy future at that.   That would be a win-win situation.

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