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  1. GreenCycleSussex has replaced BrightonFreecycle.
    The only 2 active mods from Brighton FC started the new group.

    Hello Brighton Freecycle Members,
    Rob and I who have been running this group for years have been forced to find alternative ways of helping you RE-USE and RECYCLE your stuff. We are not the ‘owners’ of the Brighton Freecycle Group- we JUST run it 24 hours a day. We can no longer volunteer our time under the banner of Freecycle.
    Thank you for making the Brighton Freecycle group the success it has been.
    We are sorry that we can not continue under the Freecycle umbrella and hope you will join us on the NEW group we have set up.(There is no one left to run the official Freecycle group for Brighton.)
    We have created a NEW group so you can all carry on as if nothing has happened 🙂

    GreenCycleSussex is the NEW group.
    Send an email with your postcode to:

    We’re still dedicated to helping you keep things out of land fill. The two of us will still be here beavering away in the background helping to get the NEW group running smoothly and accord a smooth transition for all 17,000+ of you….should you wish to join us.

    To join the NEW group for the Sussex area send an email to:
    remember to send the email from the email address you want to use for the group.

    The main reason for our move is a simple one.
    While Freecycle is a GREAT idea, all moderators of the UK groups have been forced to follow rules which were not created specifically for the UK.
    Leaders of Freecycle in the UK have spent more than two years talking with the main Freecycle Network (in the USA) trying to get the freedom to run things in a way more suited to how Freecycle works in the UK. So we can make it better for all of us.
    Nothing has been changed.

    Earlier this summer four leading members of the National UK Freecycle team resigned including the Director , in protest at the lack of change . Moderators around the country then formed an Independent Association of Moderators and AGAIN tried talking with The Freecycle Network.Hoping to negotiate and find a positive way to continue under the banner of Freecycle.
    This has not been possible.
    We acknowledge that what Freecycle does in the community is great. We just don’t agree that we should be dictated to from across the Atlantic and adopt inappropriate policies. We think the members and moderators make Freecycle great.

    There has now been multiple summary expulsions of moderators who have asked for change from Freecycle. All UK moderators have lost their freedom of speech within the organisation. So here in Brighton we have decided to go our own way along with the majority of other Freecycle UK groups.

    What’s changed for you?

    Nothing much. The home page looks a bit different, the email address is different, but other than that all the rules are the same and all the moderators are the same and just as committed to keeping items out of landfill.

    To join the NEW group for the Brighton area, send an email to:

    remember to send the email from the email address you want to use for the group or the email address that is associated with your existing YahooID.

    If you have a YahooID already then once you are a member you will be able to look at the groups activity on our web pages. We can help you set up a YahooID once you are a member if you don’t know how to do it 🙂

    The NEW homepage is:

    To Post a message to the NEW group, send an email to:

    We apologise in advance for any confusion and are happy to respond to any queries.

    Send emails to the Green Cycle Sussex group owners:

    We intend to help you all keep more and more stuff flowing away from landfill sites.

    I apologise from the bottom of my heart for this interruption to your recycling.
    With Best Wishes,
    story in the Guardian:

    Comment by cat | September 11, 2009 | Reply

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